Bird Mobile

A lovely tutorial to make your own mobile using cereal boxes and string. It will help little hands get confident with scissors and you can learn all about the birds that live around you too.

You will need:


A sharp tool

A colouring pens or coloured paper for decoration

Yarn needle


Time: 10 mins per bird

Cost: Just use things you have at home, a cereal box and a biro for making holes is perfect!

1. Either print out the template at the bottom of this page, cut out the bird shapes and draw around them or come up with your own shapes.

2. Cut out the bird and wings making sure you cut the little slots to connect them together.

3. Colour your birds in however you like. You can use coloured paper, felt pens, stickers, anything you like. Charley made his look like a Blue Tit.

4. Slot the wings into the body. If you want to hang them up make a hole at the top, use the needle and thread to feed the yarn through the hole and tie off.

I couldn't help making some blossoms to go with the birds and then making more and using paper and a glue stick to decorate them. 

Here is a template for you to print out. Right click on the image, copy it, drop it in to something like a word document, tweak the size to fit your paper and print :)

These are all birds from our garden; a nuthatch, a blue tit, a long tailed tit and a wren and blossom from the pear tree.