DIY Weaving Loom

Who knew you could make your own weaving loom out of cardboard?! This step by step tutorial will show you how.

You will need:

Cardboard box






Time: 15 mins

Cost: Zilch

1. Cut a rectangle out of your cradboard box, this will be the body of the loom - this pic is using a shoe box lid but you can use anything. We'd recommend using something quite tough.

2. Cut 2 strips of card the same width as the body and glue or tape approx. 2cm from either end.

3. Measure and make a mark at 1cm intervals - you can change this up as much as you like, the wider the gap the wider the weave, the smaller the gap the tighter the weave.

4. Make a small cut along each mark, ours are roughly 1cm deep. These will make the 'tabs' to hole your thread.

5. Make a slip stitch and attach yarn to the first tab, now draw the yarn down to the opposite end of the card, loop around the back of the first tab and pull up. Next draw to the yarn back up and loop around the second tab. Continue until you have threaded your loom. Fasten off and you're good to get weaving.