Circus Eggs

May we introduce to you The Egg-cellent, The Egg-travagant, The Egg-traordinary Cirque Des Oeufs - Coming soon to a breakfast table near you!


If you're looking for something egg-tra special for Easter here is a little papercraft project to jazz up your eggs. We've provided two worksheets for you - either already coloured or a black and white version - perfect for a bit of home colouring.


How to make:

Right click on the image below, copy and paste into a word document, then simply enlarge it to fit the page. If possible print out onto thin card at 100%, if using the B&W version, colour in then cut out each shape.

Roll Eric's hat into a cone and fix it with glue or tape. Wrap 'Enri's cloak around an egg and fix with glue at the clasps and use glue or blue-tac to fix the feathers to Elena's head.


Cut the middles of Elena's tutu, Eduado's mane and Eric's ruff away and slip each over an egg. (cut the hole smaller to begin with to make sure they fit your particular eggs. You can always cut bigger holes!)


Use egg cups or cut two toilet rolls in half and decorate to make their stands.

Time: 15 mins
Cost: Nada!