Emily @make.e has established her personal brand and unique style of creativity over the past 4 years, she is the definition of ‘Maker of all things’, there honestly is nothing she won’t turn her hand to. Art, craft and design are Emily’s passion, it runs deep in her crafty veins, you can’t help but find her urge and need to make infectious, her ‘we can do it’ attitude will inspire all makers and non-makers alike.

Emily is a sharer of knowledge; she believes intensely that with the right tools and imagination the world is your oyster. You can find many of her ‘how to’ video tutorials on her YouTube channel along with free craft tutorials on her blog. She is an experienced teacher, running workshops in and around London, teaching crochet, polymer clay, arm knitting and print making among many other things. You can find her in her element at the Handmade Festival running workshops and soaking up all the crafty inspiration.

She has been regularly featured in Mollie Makes magazine and also designed many times for Inside Crochet magazine. She is a cheerleader for sustainability, reducing and reusing, and brings this into her work to showcase that making sustainably can be ‘on trend’ and desirable. 

To find out more about Emily check out Make.e or find her on instagram @make.e