Crochet Star and Hexagon Pattern

This is a free crochet pattern that can be turned into a blanket of any size made using stars that fit together with hexagons in between. It's a lockdown special as it's designed to be easy and as endless (cos who knows how long we'll be at home for!) as you need. Emma has chosen the colours by finding treasures on her 'daily exercise' walk and from around the house. The plan is to find a new colour each day and then make a star. It takes roughly a movie to make one star so is ideal.

You will need:

Aran Yarn (Yarn A = Star, Yarn B = Joining Hexagon)

5mm Hook


Yarn needle

Time: 1.5 hours per star

Cost: Use up any yarn you have, as long as each star is the same weight it will work

Stitches required:

  • ch - chain

  • ss - slip stitch

  • dc - UK double crochet, US single crochet

  • tr - UK tr, US dc

  • dc2tog - UK double 2 stitches together, US single 2 stitches together

  • tr2tog - UK treble 2 stitches together, US dc 2 stitches together


Yarn A or B, Ch4, ss ends to make loop

Rnd 1: ch2, tr, *ch2, 2tr* x 5, ch2, ss

Rnd 2 - 7: (tr, ch2, tr) in ch sp, tr in each st

If turning into a star continue with the instructions to create the points below, if making a plain hexagon do round 8

Rnd 8: (dc, ch1, dc) in ch sp, dc in each st, ss and fasten off

Adding points to make a star

Yarn A, join on in chain space

Row 1: ch2, tr2tog, tr 10, tr2tog, tr in ch sp, ch2, turn

Row 2: tr2tog, tr 8, tr2tog, tr in start ch, ch2, turn

Row 3: tr2tog, tr 6, tr2tog, tr in start ch, ch2, turn

Row 4: tr2tog, tr 4, tr2tog, tr in start ch, ch2, turn

Row 5: tr2tog, tr 2, tr2tog, tr in start ch, ch2, turn

Row 6: tr2tog, tr2tog, tr in start ch, ch2, turn

Row 7: ch2, sk 2, tr in start ch, ss fasten off

Repeat on each side of the hexagon until you have 6 points

In Yarn A work dc stitches around the outside edge of that star, to do this: 

Rnd 1 : join on in the ch sp between the points, ch1, 2dc around each tr post on the point edge, at the tip of the point (2dc, ch1, 2dc), rpt all the way around the edge.

Rnd 2: Yarn B, dc in each st, at tip of point (dc, ch1, dc) and where points meet at the bottom dc2tog, ss to finish