Recycled Yarn Rug

If you've ever wanted to have a go at making your own latch hook rug then this easy tutorial is for you. Emily made this using recycled t-shirt yarn and has created an awesome leopard print design to share with you, although you can come up with any design you like. You get extra brownie points for using t-shirt yarn or jersey yarn as it's made from the left over edges of commercial garment making. You can also make your own but we don't have a tutorial for that. Yet ;)

You will need:

Latch Hook Canvas 

Latch Hook

T-shirt yarn 

Graph Paper 

Yarn & Yarn needle for edging

Glue gun (you'll see)

Time: This will depend on your rug!

Cost: £8 p/m for canvas and £9 for a massive cake of jersey yarn.

1. Take some graph paper and measure out the size of the rug then draw out your design with pens in a similar way to a cross stitch grid. Or you print out the little grid we've shared at the bottom of this tutorial.

2. Holding your yarn from the back of the latch hook canvas pull up loops using a latch hook or crochet hook. We found it easier to put in the outline of the shapes first before filling them in, but there are no rules.

The loops should be roughly 2cm long, you will notice that as you work up the next loop the previous loop may loose some height.

3. Continue to fill the canvas, to change colour, simply cut off the old yarn and start with the new.  Some t-shirt yarns are thin and stringy, you can still use them but you may want to double up (use 2 strands at the same time) or work into the same square twice. 

4. Once your rug is filled you will want to edge it. We decided that whip stitch would be best for this and learning from our mistakes you will need to leave 2 rows to fold over to whip stitch around.

5. Now you might be thinking about all those ends? you could of course sew them in place with thread, but we wanted to make our rug non slip so we went for the glue gun option.

Here's a little grid to get you started.