Mini Me

This bit of cardbord craft for kids has kept Emma's Small Beast giggling for hours! It's also a great way to build those cutting muscles and threading skills.

You will need:

Camera/phone and printer
Card, a cereal box is perfect
Glue stick
Yarn needle and yarn/split pins 

Time: 20 mins
Cost: Use things you have at home, 

1. Take some funny pics of your face, upload to a computer and print out. Choose your favourite (or use them all!) and cut out.

2. Glue the face on to some card, add a body and then draw the arms. You'll need 2 upper arms, 2 lower arms and 2 hands.Now you can cut them out.

3. Next cut out upper and lower legs and some feet. 

4. Poke holes at the top and bottom of each piece, you can use any sharp thing like a needle or you can go old school and use a biro with a piece of blue tack behind it.

5. Either crack open the split pins or thread a needle and tie a chunky knot in the end. Join the limbs to the body and each other and fasten at the back, we used tape to do this and then you're all finished!

This little bit of crafting was very much directed by the Small Beast. He wanted to have something to play with while we were stuck indoors. I suggested we make some people and he literally took it from there. I would have used split pins because 1. I am from the 80's and 2. they are less floppy. He very much wanted to make a flappy version of himself so we used the needle and thread. This got him practising his threading and making knots, and he had a brilliant time choosing the colour of his trouser. I literally had no idea that he had a thing for acid green so we have both learned something.