Sew the Stars

A great way for little fingers to learn to sew as well as discovering the constellations in the night sky.

You will need:


A sharp tool

A contrasting colour pen

Yarn needle


Time: 20-30 mins

Cost: Just use things you have at home, a cereal box and a biro for making holes is perfect!

1. You can find and print some excellent outlines of some constellations at, lie them on your card and pierce holes where each star is. This is a good thing for little hands to have a go at!

2. With the contrasting pen draw around the holes and add some star shapes.

3. Thread the needle and stitch the stars!

This little activity came about because we had got so bored being stuck in the house we decided to get wrapped up in blankets, duvets and scarves and lie outside in the evening to watch the stars come out.

We downloaded an app that showed us where the constellations were, what they were called and what planets were visible. We saw shooting stars and chatted for ages in the dark.

The next day the 9 year old wanted to find out more about the origins of the names for the constellations. This led to a couple of days of pottering on line, reading books and coming up with all sorts of craft and learning ideas.