Easy Sweater Upcycle

With a quick snip here and a few colourful stitches and you can remake an old sweater into something new.

You will need:

An old sweater

Fabric Scissors

Embroidery Thread

Embroidery Needle

Time: 30 mins

Cost: £3 for a craft pack of 30 embroidery threads

1. Fold the jumper in half so the sleeves are lying on top of each other and cut just above the elbow. Its ok, it's not going to fray!

2. Fold over a couple of times and tack in place under the arm with a couple of stitches.

3. With a embroidery thread work some simple, long stitch around the collar of the sweater.

4. Experiment with any stitches you like, this picture has some 'V' stitches and 'X' stitches in different colours.