Tee Dress

This is a brilliant beginners upcycle project, with only a little cutting and a couple of straight lines to sew and you can completely transform a couple of large mens t-shirts into a slouchy Tee Dress. Mens t-shirts are one of the big hitters when it comes to stuff going to landfill so this make is an excellent excuse to get comfy AND gives two old tees a new life.

You will need:

2 x mens large t-shirts

Fabric Scissors

Sewing machine


Time: 15 mins

Cost: £4 for both t-shirts

1.To make the top of the dress you need to cut the bottom off one of the t-shirts. We'd recommend cutting it at waist height, but feel free to experiment.

2. To make the bottom half of the dress cut the top off the other t-shirt. To do this evenly fold the t-shirt in half lengthways and cut from the top of the shoulder to the middle. Open it up and it will look like this.

3. On the second t-shirt only, sew the edges of the sleeves together. These will now become pockets.

4. Turn t-shirt no.2 inside out and wiggle over no.1 so that the cut edges are lined up together and pin in place.

5. Sew the 2 t-shirts together. That is literally it. Turn everything the right way out, poke the pockets to the inside and you're done!

We like deep pockets so added a bit of extra material to make ours larger, you can also customise this in any way you like. Embellish the front, add trim to the bottom, cut the sleeves off to make a more summery version, whatever works for you.