How to Take a Pattern From a Vest

This simple tutorial will show you how to draw around a vest to make a new one.

You will need:

A vest you like

An old T-Shirt

Washable Pen

Fabric Scissors

Sewing Machine

Time: 15 mins

Cost: £3 for a Second Hand T-shirt

1. This is going to sound crazy to read so look at the picture, but flatten your vest out so that there is a fold down the centre front and the arm holes are lying on top of it, got it?!

Fold the t-shirt in half length ways, lie the vest on top and use it as a template to draw around the neck and arm holes.

2. Open the vest up, place it back on top of the t-shirt and draw along the edge to get the shape of the body.

3. Keep the t-shirt folded in half and cut along the drawn lines.

4. Pin in place and sew up the sides.

5. Put it on a rock it like a boss.